Activity Tracking Options

Activity Tracking Options

Link your Fitbit or Garmin account to Motion Connected or use the Apple Health app, on iPhones, or the Google Fit app, on Android phones, to pull data from some of your favorite devices including Apple Watch, Misfit, Withings, Polar and more.

Compatible Devices

*Please note: this is not an exhaustive list, and device compatibility with Apple Health or Google Fit may change. Before purchasing a device, we recommend checking the manufacturer’s site to verify Google Fit or Apple Health compatibility. 

Many devices apps* such as Polar Flow and Withings Health Mate can be configured to share step data with either the Apple Health or Google Fit app. If your device app syncs activity data with Apple Health or Google Fit, you can use apps such as these to transfer your activity data to the Motion Connected app. 
*Please refer to your device manufacturer for information on compatibility with Apple Health or Google Fit. Android users may also view apps that work with Google Fit on the Google Play Store .

Connecting activity apps to Apple Health or Google Fit can be found in the settings of your device’s app. For instructions, please visit the links below. Once your device is set up and syncing to Apple Health or Google Fit, use the directions below to link to the Motion Connected app.

Link to Apple Health or Google Fit:

The IOS version of the Motion Connected app can be linked to Apple Health, and the Android version of the app can be linked to Google Fit by following the directions below. Before starting, download the Google Fit app from the Play Store (if on Android) and create an account.

1.        Open the Motion Connected app and login if prompted.

2.        Tap the three dots in the bottom navigation bar to open the menu.

3.        Tap on Settings.

4.        Toggle on "Link Apple Health" (iPhone users) or “Sign in with Google” then "Enable Link" (Android users)

1.        You will then be asked to approve any necessary permissions needed to access your Apple Health/Google Fit data.

5.        Tap on Sync activity data to begin syncing your Apple Health/Google Fit data.

Don’t have a wearable activity device?
Use the Apple Health or Google Fit app to automatically track steps using sensors that come standard in most smartphones. Simply follow the directions above to link to Apple Health or Google Fit and carry your phone on you when you are active.

Link to Fitbit or Garmin:

1. If you haven’t already, create an account with Fitbit or Garmin (follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer). 

2. Once your Fitbit/Garmin account is active, login to your Motion Connected account.

3. Choose “Link Device” from the menu and click “Create Link” for Fitbit or “Connect” for Garmin.

4. Linking to Fitbit or Garmin will send you to their website where you will input your Fitbit or Garmin account login credentials to finalize linking.

Samsung Devices:

Because Samsung Health does not integrate directly with Google Fit, connecting Samsung data requires a third-party app.

Samsung Health > Third Party App > Google Fit > Motion Connected app

Samsung Health via Third Party App:

Before you get started, you will need to have the Motion Connected app and Samsung Health app installed on your Android smartphone.

1.        Download the Google Fit app from the Play Store and open the app to setup your Google Fit account.

2.        Download a third-party app that connects Samsung Health data to Google Fit.

1.        Some Samsung users have had success with the “Health Sync” app. However, you are welcome to use a different app if you find an alternative. Please note: the Health Sync app is free for a trial period and will require purchase to use after the trial period has ended.

3.        If using Health Sync, open the app and follow the prompts* to set up the connection between Samsung Health and Google Fit.

4.        Open the Settings page of the Motion Connected app and Sign in with Google and toggle on “Enable Link.”

*Detailed instructions from the web on setting up Health Sync available here .


If you are interested in purchasing a device, you have access to discounted Fitbit and Garmin devices through the Wellness Outlet store. A link is located directly inside your Motion Connected account in the “Wellness Outlet” tab.


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