Samsung Health/Samsung Watches

Samsung Health/Samsung Watches

Linking a Samsung watch to the platform is done through the Motion Connected app (or EHP Healthy Choice app for EHP participants) in combination with Google Fit on Android phones. 

Linking Samsung Health on Android Phones (Third-party App Required)
Before you get started, ensure that the Motion Connected app (or EHP Healthy Choice app for EHP participants) and the Samsung Health app are installed on your phone.

1. Download the Google Fit app from the Play Store
Once installed, open the app to set up your Google Fit account. Make note of the Google account/email address you choose to set the account up with (if you have multiple). 

When asked, do not turn on activity tracking because it can interfere with data from Samsung Health. (Learn how to turn off activity tracking here)

2. Download & Set-up a third-party App to Connect Samsung Health to Google Fit
This is an important step because Samsung Health does not work directly with Google Fit. Therefore, another app is required to connect your activity data from Samsung Health to Google Fit. 

There are two apps available on the market for this: Health Sync and Health Connect. You may choose to use either. Instructions for setting up both are available below.

Health Sync vs. Health Connect: Which should I choose?

Health Connect is recommended by Samsung but either app will work. Here are some other considerations to make:

Historical data: Health Sync can pull all historical data from Samsung Health but Health Connect can only access the past 30 days of your Samsung data.

Reliability: Health Sync has been around for several years while Health Connect is a newer app that the creators are still testing as of May 2024.

Cost: Health Connect is free. Health Sync has a small fee after a 1-week free trial.

Option 1: Health Sync*
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*Please note, when you download Health Sync, you will receive a one-week free trial. During or after the free trial period you can purchase a lifetime or 6-month subscription for a small fee.
1. Download the Health Sync app from the Play Store.

2. Once installed, open the app, and hit OK after reading the first pop-up messages.

3. When asked to "Select the base sync source" choose Samsung Health. On the next screen, select Google Fit as the destination app and hit OK.

4. Tap on "DECLARATION OF CONSENT" to read and hit ACCEPT.

5. Tap on "CHECK GOOGLE ACOUNT CONNECTION" and choose the same Google account you used to set up Google Fit.  

6. Tap on "CHECK ACTIVITY TRACKING IN GOOGLE FIT". Read the pop-up and hit OK. After being directed to Google Fit, disable activity tracking if needed.

7. Return to the Health Sync app where you’ll receive a “Initialization Finished” pop-up. Hit OK. 

8. On the next screen, select “Steps.” When asked to allow Health Sync to access your physical activity, select Allow. 

9. Samsung will then require additional permissions. Hit OK, then toggle on “All Permissions” and hit DONE.

10. Repeat steps 8 and 9 for the “Activity” category to complete the set up. 

Have questions about Health Sync? Visit their website [here].

Option 2: Health Connect
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1. Download the Health Connect app from the Play Store.

2. Once installed, open the app (Health Connect may not show up in your phone's apps, but you can always access it by going to your phone's settings and locating Apps > Health Connect).

3. Tap on "App permissions" and select Samsung Health from the list of apps.

4. On the next page, scroll down to "Allowed to write" and toggle on all categories beneath this heading.

5. Hit the back arrow on the page and select Fit from the list of apps. On the pop-up, hit "Set up."

6. Toggle on all categories under "Allowed to read" and hit Allow. Select Done on the next page.

3. Link Google Fit to Motion Connected (or Healthy Choice for EHP participants)
To finish, open the Motion Connected app (or Healthy Choice app) and link it to Google Fit. Click here to view the instructions for linking Google Fit to Motion Connected or here for instructions on linking Google Fit to Healthy Choice. 

With these apps in place, your Samsung data will sync to Motion Connected/Healthy Choice through this process: Samsung Health > Health Connect or Health Sync > Google Fit > Motion Connected/Healthy Choice app. A delay in activity data syncing between apps is typical.

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