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Can I link my Samsung Device to Motion Connected?

Before Motion Connected can access Samsung data directly, Samsung must review and approve our request.  Motion Connected submitted the necessary information to Samsung in early 2020. It has come to our attention that Samsung has stopped responding to all requests from outside companies regarding integration with Samsung Health beginning around October 2019.

As a result, the only way to connect Samsung data to our platform is through the Google Fit app. The Motion Connected app (or EHP Healthy Choice app for EHP participants) pulls activity data from Google Fit and transfers it to our system. However, Samsung devices are distinguished from other android-compatible devices because Samsung does not integrate directly with Google Fit. Therefore, a third-party app is required to sync data from Samsung Health to Google Fit.

Samsung Health > Third Party App > Google Fit > Motion Connected app (EHP Healthy Choice app)

Samsung Health via Third Party App:

Before you get started, you will need to have the Motion Connected app (EHP Healthy Choice app) and Samsung Health app installed on your Android smartphone.
  1. Download the Google Fit app from the Play Store and open the app to setup your Google Fit account.
  2. Download a third-party app that connects Samsung Health data to Google Fit.
    1.  Some Samsung users have had success with the “Health Sync” app. However, you are welcome to use a different app if you find an alternative. Please note: the Health Sync app is free for a trial period and will require purchase to use after the trial period has ended.
  3. If using Health Sync, open the app and follow the prompts* to set up the connection between Samsung Health and Google Fit.
  4. Open the settings page of the Motion Connected app (EHP Healthy Choice app) and Sign in with Google then toggle on “Enable Link” to connect to your Google Fit account.

*Detailed instructions from the web on setting up Health Sync available here .

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