Apple Health/Watch Data not Syncing

Apple Health/Watch Data not Syncing

When using Apple Health to sync data to Motion Connected, there are very few common reasons why activity data won't sync to your account.

1. Do you have the Link to Apple Health turned on in your Motion Connected or EHP Healthy Choice app?  In order for data to be synced from Apple's Health app to your account you must first setup the Motino Connected or EHP Healthy Choice app to pull/sync your data from Apple Health.  This is done by turning on the "Link Apple Health" option on the Motion Connected/Healthy Choice app's settings page, and allowing all permisions.

2. Do you have the Apple Health App setup and configured to work with your Apple Watch?  This app comes pre-installed on your iPhone and must be setup and configured to work with your Apple Watch in order for the Motion Connected app (or EHP Healthy Choice app) to access the activity data collected by your watch. If the data that is syncing doesn't match what is on your Apple Watch review your data source priorities in Apple Health here: Apple Health Data Accuracy

3. Do you see your data in Apple Health but not in your Motion Conected/EHP account?  If your app is showing 0's for activity data, this may be caused by Motion Connected (or EHP Healthy Choice) not having access to your Apple Health Data.  To make sure Motion Connected (EHP Healthy Choice) has all the necessary permissions within the Health app:

  1. Open the Apple Health app.
  2. Tap your profile picture in the upper-right corner 
  3. Under Privacy, tap Apps. 
  4. Tap Motion Connected (or EHP Healthy Choice) and turn on all the health categories.

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