Apple Health Data Accuracy

Apple Health Data Accuracy

The Motion Connected app pulls your activity data from the Health app that is pre-installed on all iPhone devices. If the data in your Health app does not match the data from the Apple Watch or other non Apple Health data source, this issue is most commonly caused by the data source priority in Apple Health not being correct.

Prioritize Data Sources

To make sure your Health app is showing the correct data you can adjust the priority of the data sources the app accepts data from.  Apple's instructions on how to do this can be found here:

Here's how to choose the sources that the Health app uses first:

  1. Open the Health app, then tap the Browse tab.
  2. Tap a category, then tap a subcategory.
  3. Scroll down, then tap Data Sources & Access.
  4. Tap Edit.
  5. Touch and hold the Change Order button  next to a data source, then drag it up or down in the list. 
  6. To turn off a data source so that it doesn't contribute any more data for that category, tap the checkmark next to the source.
  7. Tap Done.

If multiple sources contribute the same data type, the data source at the top will take priority over the other sources. Any new apps or devices that you add go to the top of the list automatically, above your iPhone or iPod touch. 

An alternative option is to turn off the Fitness Tracking feature of your iPhone, this prevents the Health app from counting steps from the movement of your phone effectively limiting the Health app to using your Apple Watch data only. The Fitness Tracking feature is found in your iPhone's settings under Privacy->Motion & Fitness

If the information above does not help to correct your data within Apple Health this is an issue you would have to address with the Apple support team as it would be an issue with how the Health app is interpreting the data it receives.

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