This Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) guide is here to provide quick answers to scorecard related questions.  Commonly asked questions will be continually added and updated in this article to help provide the most up to date information to our members.

How do I earn points:

Points on the scorecard can be earned a number of ways; including being auto awarded, manually awarded by your program administrator, or tied to the completion of specific requirements.  For specific details on earning the points for each item in your scorecard click the item title and read through the description.

  1. Auto Awarded Points:  Points are awarded immediately upon completion of the assigned tasks in the scorecard.  This may be taking a weight or blood pressure reading at your organization's kiosk or clicking the submit button within a specific scorecard item.
    1. If you feel that you are missing points for an automatically awarded item such as a daily step points, weight, or blood pressure checks, first check the relevant data within your account to verify that your data is properly reflected. 
  2. Challenge Points:  Challenge points are typically awarded 5-10 days after the challenge ends.  When missing points for a completed activity or weight challenge, first check the status of the challenge on your Challenges page.  If the challenge leaderboard does not list 'A's (for Award) next to the names of people who met the goal, the challenge has not been finalized yet.  If the points have been awarded and you did not receive them, check the challenge description to verify that you met the goal.
  3. Manually Completed Items:  Some scorecard items that require a manual submission (i.e. a form, date, answer, etc.).  If your points have not been awarded, reopen the scorecard item and check to see that the task was submitted, if not, simply click Submit. If the task is pending approval, that means that your program administrator must review and approve your submission before points are awarded.
When are my points awarded?

Some items do require a review and approval from your program administrator(s) before your points are awarded.  After clicking submit a message will be displayed in the item details indicating that your points are pending approval.

"Not a valid comment."

If you receive a "Not a Valid Comment" error message after clicking the submit button, this indicates the text you entered in the text box contained an invalid comment character.  Apostrophe's entered via the Motion Connected app will not be accepted.

Document for Upload?

Some Scorecard items require a document upload.  If a specific document is needed, the scorecard item will house that document available for download.