Motion Connected App

Motion Connected App

Motion Connected App

What is the Motion Connected app? The Motion Connected app is the mobile version of the Motion Connected platform.  With the app you have full access to your Motion Connected account right from the palm of your hand.  Access important messaging that comes directly from your employer and wellbeing content and resources provided by Motion Connected.  Monitor your daily activity and health statistics along with your participation in activity challenges.  If your program offers a scorecard the Motion Connected app is an easy way to upload documents and keep track of points earned towards that incentive.

Download Motion Connected today to get started: Apple App Store or Google Play

Syncing Activity Data Through Motion Connected

Version 4 of the Motion Connected app was released March 1, 2021. The app will still have the same look and features you are familiar with but with one major update. Data from Apple Health and Google Fit will now be pulled directly by the Motion Connected app which means if you use Apple Health or Google Fit, you will no longer need the separate MC Link app.

If you use Garmin or Fitbit, we still recommend upgrading to the newer version, so you can take advantage of all of the new features, regardless of what device you may have in the future. Here are the steps to make the switch:

Android Users:

  1. Update the Motion Connected app in the Google Play Store. Tap on the three lines in the top left > My apps & games > under updates, install app updates.
  2. Delete the MC Link app (only for Google Fit users). 

Apple Users:

  1. Delete or uninstall both MC Link (only Apple Watch/Apple Health Users) and the old version Motion Connected app.
  2. Download the new Motion Connected app from the App Store.

If you track steps with Garmin or Fitbit, simply log in to the new app to verify your device connection, and you are all set! Apple Health/Google Fit users please read on. Once version 4 of the Motion Connected app is downloaded (or updated), linking to Apple Health or Google Fit can easily be toggled on in the Settings page of the app. To connect to Google Fit you first need to click the button to sign into your Google Account before you can turn on the Google Fit link.
Once the toggle is on, tap Sync activity data.  Your data will now appear on your dashboard. 


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