How Motion Connected Receives Your Activity Data

How Motion Connected Receives Your Activity Data

Garmin and Fitbit 

For participants using a Garmin or Fitbit device, once the account is linked on the Link Device page of the Motion Connected (EHP) platform, the data syncing process is fully automatic and cannot be manually forced.  For Garmin and Fitbit devices, the data syncing process looks like this:

Data recorded by Gamin or Fitbit device -> data syncs to the Garmin/Fitbit app -> the Garmin/Fitbit app stores the data on the phone -> the Garmin/Fitbit app uploads the data to the Garmin/Fitbit web servers (data will show in your online Garmin/Fitbit account (website) at this time) -> Garmin/Fitbit notifies Motion Connected there is new data in the account -> data syncs to Motion Connected during the next data pull cycle.

*Motion Connected is not able to access activity data from Garmin or Fitbit until the signal has been released from Garmin or Fitbit verifying new data has been uploaded to the online account (web server).

Apple Health and Google Fit

Participants who are using the Motion Connected (or EHP Healthy Choice) app to sync activity data from Apple Health or Google Fit should see new data sync every time the Motion Connected app is opened as long as this setting is enabled in the Settings tab of the Motion Connected app.

Other Devices

Participants who are not using an activity device listed above will first need to link the device to Apple Health (iPhone) or Google Fit (Android).  The Motion Connected app must be downloaded in order to link to Apple Health or Google Fit.  Once the data has synced to Apple Health or Google Fit, Motion Connected can access this data via the Settings tab in the Motion Connected app. 

*Pro Tips

  1. Most activity tracking devices store activity data for up to 14 days.  Motion Connected recommends participants open any relevant apps at least once per week to ensure data is syncing from the device to the device account. 
  2. Motion Connected cannot access data prior to the Motion Connected account activation date. 
  3. Data starts syncing the day the device link has bee made to Motion Connected.  If older data is available, and the Motion Connected account was active during this time, the support team can be contacted to request the older data. 
  4. If activity data does not sync to the online Garmin or Fitbit accounts for more than two weeks (data is held in the app but not pushed to the web server), when Garmin or Fitbit get your data they will only notify Motion Connected of the last 2 weeks worth of data.  Any data older than that will not automatically sync.
  5. If you have more than one activity data source linked to your account you will only receive credit for the higher activity (for each metric) between the multiple sources (data will not be combined).

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