Garmin Data not Syncing to Motion Connected

Garmin Data not Syncing to Motion Connected

If you linked your Garmin account to Motion Connected but your data is not syncing to your Motion Connected Dashboard, follow the steps below to help troubleshoot the problem. 

1. Is your data syncing to your Garmin app?
Open the Garmin Connect app on your phone and verify that your data is syncing there. Data must first sync to the Connect app and Garmin's servers before it can reach our system.

2. Is your Garmin account linked to Motion Connected without error messages?
Open your Motion Connected account and go to the "Link Device Page" to verify that your account is linked to Garmin. If an error message is displayed, hit "Disconnect" and relink to Garmin allowing up to 45 minutes for your data to sync.

3. Is your data displayed on Garmin's website?
Login to your Garmin account at (not the app) and check if your missing data is displayed on the Garmin Connect website by going to Activities > Steps > Reports (click the icon on the upper right of the Steps widget). 

           a) If you see activity data after logging in, you might have not waited long enough for the data to sync (especially if the last sync was less than 24 hours ago) or you might have unintentionally linked the incorrect Garmin account to Motion Connected. 

          b)  If you do not see activity data on the site but do in your Garmin app, you likely have two Garmin accounts. We recommend confirming which email address is associated with the Garmin account you are logged into on your phone because this is the account your device is paired with. 

Contact our support team ( for additional troubleshooting on this issue. Provide information on what you discovered using the above troubleshooting so that we can begin troubleshooting from there. 
  1. If you do not know your Garmin account information or cannot get your data to upload to your Garmin app or online account you can contact the Garmin support team at 1-800-800-1020 or for additional assistance. 
  2. If your device is not linked you can click here for linking instructions: Linking an Activity Tracking Device

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