EHP Healthy Choice App

EHP Healthy Choice App

EHP Healthy Choice App

The EHP Healthy Choice app is the mobile version of the EHP Healthy Choice website.  With the app, you have full access to your Healthy Choice account right from the palm of your hand.  Access important program updates from your employer, monitor your daily activity, and find the option to link Apple Health or Google Fit. 

Android Users:

  1. Download the EHP Healthy Choice app found in the Google Play Store.

Apple Users:

  1. Download the new EHP Healthy Choice app from the App Store.

Linking a Device

If you track steps with Garmin or Fitbit, log in to the EHP Healthy Choice app and click "Link Device" to verify your device account is linked to Healthy Choice, or set up a new link.

If you track steps with Apple Health or Google Fit, login to the EHP Healthy Choice app, click the three dots in the bottom right of the tool bar, then go to the Settings page. Toggle on your link to Apple Health/Google Fit here. Once the toggle is on, hit "Sync activity data", then click the running person icon at the bottom of the page to view your activity. 

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