Data Not Syncing Correctly with Samsung Watch & Health Connect

Data Not Syncing Correctly with Samsung Watch & Health Connect

If you are using the third-party app Health Connect  to sync your Samsung activity, and you find that your data is not syncing correctly to the Google Fit app, we recommend verifying that the following settings are selected in your Health Connect and Google Fit apps:

1. Open Health Connect  (Health Connect may not show up in your phone's apps, but you can always access it by going to your phone's settings and locating Apps > Health Connect.) Tap on "App Permissions" then tap on "Fit".
2. Turn off "Allow All" if it is turned on.
3. Toggle on everything below "Allowed to read". Scroll down and toggle off everything under "Allowed to write".
4. Go back to App Permissions and tap on Samsung. Repeat the same steps under Samsung but in the opposite order: Toggle off everything under "Allowed to read." Toggle on everything under "Allowed to write".

Next, verify that Activity Tracking is turned off in the Google Fit app: 

1. Open Google Fit .
2. At the bottom, tap Profile.
3. At the top, tap Settings 
4. Under “Tracking preferences,” turn Track your activities off.

After making changes to the settings, please allow up to 24 hours for data to start syncing to Google Fit. For further support and troubleshooting for Health Connect, please visit Google's pages [here].
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