Custom Weight Challenge

Custom Weight Challenge

Building a custom weight challenge can be done in 3 easy steps:

  1. Pick a Challenge Type – Choose what type of challenge you want to build (Weight Loss or Maintain).
  2. Pick the challenges dates ​
  3. Invite Participants – Invite members of team or organization to compete in your challenge.



This page will list any challenges you are currently participating in as well as give you the option to create a new challenge or join a challenge you were invited to.

You can click either of the new challenge buttons to begin building a new weight challenge, that you can do by yourself or invite your coworkers to participate in.

If you were invited to a challenge you can enter the challenge invite code in the box below the new challenge buttons and click accept to join that challenge.


  1. Select: “Click here to start a new weight challenge”.
  2. After choosing to create a new weight challenge: Name your challenge and select a challenge image or icon. You can choose one of the provided images or upload one of your own.

Determine which type of challenge you want to build: A challenge can be built in one of two formats; Percent Gain/loss or Maintain Don’t Gain.

Gain/loss vs Maintain:  There are two types of weight challenges available - weight gain/loss and no gain.  In a weight loss challenge, participants strive to lose as much (healthy) weight as possible in the given period of time.  With a maintain / no gain challenge, participants strive to stay within two (2) pounds of their starting weight.  All weight challenges only display percent change on the challenge leaderboard.  To respect the privacy of participants, actual participant weights are never displayed.

  1. Challenge comments or description: Add a challenge description to inform and engage the participants.
  2. Pick the challenge details: Allowing manual entry allows participants to use manually entered weights from their health profile page in the challenge.  This option will have to be checked if your organization does not have a Motion Connected kiosk available for participants to use.  First and last weigh-ins by scale only requires the first and last readings be uploaded from a kiosk and the readings in between them can be manually entered.
  3. Hide individual participant quantities under teams: it is important to note that weight values are not shown to other participants in a weight challenge. This option hides individuals progress and only shows the team progress when setting up the challenge with teams.
  4. Select Dates: Currently weight challenges need to be built using the 13 weigh-in period format. You can select any range of dates for each of these periods from 1 day to many but the dates must be consecutive.  Iinital week and Final week must be filled in in order to create the challenge.  At the end of the challenge the weight(s) recorded during the Final period will be compared to the weight(s) recorded during the initial period to determine overall ranking.

Once all the needed information is completed: Click Create Challenge.


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