Custom Activity Challenge

Custom Activity Challenge

Looking to challenge yourself or your team? Be more active? Achieve new goals?
There are several different types of challenges available to do all of the above! Build and manage a challenge via your Motion Connected account's Challenges page.
Custom activity challenges are fun to participate in and a great way to compete with your coworkers using a friendly, activity-based platform.

Building a custom challenge can be done in 3 easy steps:

1. Pick a challenge type – Choose what type of challenge you want to build (Goal or Best).
2. Pick a statistic to track – Choose what to track and what format to track it in.
3. Invite Others – Invite members of team or organization to compete in your challenge.

Step-by-Step Challenge Building:
  1. Select: “Click here to start a new activity challenge”.
  2. Select Your Tracking Method: A challenge can be made in two different formats: Goal or Best.  A goal challenge is used to challenge participants to achieve a specific goal based on the available metrics (steps, distance, or active minutes). A best challenge is used to compete for the best reading of the selected metric within a specified time period.

  3. After picking your tracking method, name your challenge
    and select a challenge image or icon. You can choose one of the
    provided images or upload one of your own. Add your challenge
    comments or description and pick the start and end dates for the

  4. Pick the statistic to be tracked: Steps and distance challenges are used
    to challenge participants based on the number of steps taken, or
    amount of distance covered, during the challenge duration. 
    1. Active Minute Challenges: These challenges setup to use the active minutes data recorded by your device. Active minutes are different from standard movement minutes as they represent movement that is above and beyond normal daily activity. In order to accumulate active minutes, your device must detect and record activity for ten (10) or more consecutive minutes without stopping. This activity must also meet or exceed a moderate intensity level as calculated by your device.

  5. Determine how the data will be gathered. Challenges can be made to track the average statistic per day or a total at the end.
  6. Once all the needed information is completed click Create Challenge.
Challenge Invites
Once the challenge is created, you can invite others by clicking the Invite button from your Challenges home page.  After you click "Invite" you will see a Challenge Code.  This code can be used to invite other Motion Connected members to join your challenge.  They will enter this code in their own Motion Connected account on their Challenges page. 

The Edit Button
This button allows you to edit the details and settings for the challenge.  This takes you to a screen just like the challenge creation screen where you can change every aspect of the challenge.  Clicking the Update Challenge button at the bottom of the page will save any changes, while the Cancel button will discard changes.

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